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The 13th Arrondissement

The 13th Arrondissement

La Butte aux Cailles, "China Town"

If you choose me, you will be able to 

♦ Have an aperitif on a barge like the Jardin Sauvage
♦ Listen to the cream of the comedians
♦ Feel at the same time in a village and in a big city

La Butte aux Cailles has been able to resist all kinds of promoters in order to keep its charm intact with its small houses, its alleys, there are still half-timbered houses, which earned it the name "Petite Alsace". True village atmosphere, the Butte is still spared by tourists.
The 13th is also the Parisian "Chinatown", with its supermarkets and Asian restaurants, without forgetting the impressive François Mitterrand Library and its quays of the Seine which offer an abundant nightlife.

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