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The 7th Arrondissement

Eiffel Tower, Invalides

The 7th Arrondissement - Eiffel Tower, Invalides

Secret quarter par excellence as it contains heavy doors behind which reside many ministries, embassies or international institutions.
Its discretion is matched only by the elegance of its streets and shops, as evidenced by the famous Bon Marché institution. Even its museums have an opulent sobriety that reveals grandiose buildings: the Rodin Museum is a fine example.
One can also count among its famous museums: the musée du quai Branly or the Musée d'Orsay which was formerly a railway station.

To live in the 7th arrondissement is to enjoy the distinguished effervescence of the rue Clerc, to love discreet luxury, to choose the Eiffel Tower as your lover.