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The 17th Arrondissement

Ternes, Batignolles

The 17th Arrondissement - Ternes, Batignolles

Actually, there are two 17ths.
To the south, Les Ternes, the rue de Courcelles, Parc Monceau. The district of the beautiful, opulent buildings with a village atmosphere and a refined cultural activity such as at the Salle Pleyel. Famous also for its markets, the one on rue Lévis, the Poncelet market.
To the north, Les Batignolles, the Forks, Avenue de Clichy, Rue des Moines, a more popular and booming neighbourhood.

Living in the 17th arrondissement means going to the organic market on the Boulevard des Batignolles, dining in the hidden garden of the Bistrot des Dames or enjoying an evening of theatre at the Petit Hébertot.