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Shh, because we can't keep a secret, the Square's team opens its address book and takes you with it to its favorite places. Come and discover with us where to have a drink after a nice exhibition, or where to stroll on a nice spring Sunday. It will stay between us, I promise?

Talented and self-taught photographer, Vladimir Antaki is a globe trotter in search of a story to tell. Passionate about cinema, always in a good mood and a visual genius, this Franco-Lebanese living in Montreal is back in Paris for our greatest pleasure after a stay in Beirut. Dreamer, traveler, Vladimir makes us discover the French capital from his point of view: the one who wanders with his head in the air. Reassured by a certain effervescence, he prefers to walk on the Right Bank, on the side of the Grands Boulevards, where "all Paris" meets.

The 11th Arrondissement

Bastille, Faubourg Saint-Antoine
If you choose me, you will be able to

♦ Spend an unforgettable evening at the Opéra Bastille
♦ Walk along the rue de Lappe which is one of the most picturesque streets in Paris
♦ Discover old courtyards which are hidden and are not lacking in charm

The Bastille district and its former workshops transformed into loft, its secret dead ends and its lively Rue de la Roquette have retained their undeniable charm.
Oberkampf Street, for its part, has nothing to envy, with its numerous bars, cafés and its effervescence.
In the 11th floor you can also visit Oscar Wild or Edith Piaf by taking a little walk in the famous Père Lachaise cemetery.
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The 12th Arrondissement

The Aligre district, Gare de Lyon
If you choose me, you will be able to

♦ Decide at the last moment to go picnicking on the wide expanses of grass in the Bois de Vincennes
♦ Be stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables almost every day and for a lower cost at the Aligre market
♦ Come across Lou Doillon at the bend in the street

Famous for its Aligre market, the 12th is both a popular and trendy district.
One of the cheapest Parisian markets, where a merry crowd is crowded every day of the week except Monday.
The existence of the Promenade on the Coulée Verte which links the Bastille to the Bois de Vincennes i allows a walk offering magnificent views of the 19th and 20th century bourgeois buildings with zinc-plated roofs.
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The 13th Arrondissement

La Butte aux Cailles, "China Town"
If you choose me, you will be able to 

♦ Have an aperitif on a barge like the Jardin Sauvage
♦ Listen to the cream of the comedians
♦ Feel at the same time in a village and in a big city

La Butte aux Cailles has been able to resist all kinds of promoters in order to keep its charm intact with its small houses, its alleys, there are still half-timbered houses, which earned it the name "Petite Alsace". True village atmosphere, the Butte is still spared by tourists.
The 13th is also the Parisian "Chinatown", with its supermarkets and Asian restaurants, without forgetting the impressive François Mitterrand Library and its quays of the Seine which offer an abundant nightlife.
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The 14th Arrondissement

If you choose me, you will be able to 

♦ Eat the best Breton pancakes
♦ Enjoy a timeless moment in the iconic bistro La Coupole

The 14th is beautiful Art-Deco buildings but also a lively life with its bars, restaurants, cinemas and theatres on the rue de la Gaîté.
Art also has its place with the Fondation Cartier or the unsuspected Bourdelle Museum, a true haven of peace in the madness of the surroundings.
For movie lovers, you can also walk in the footsteps of Agnès Varda by going in front of her house on rue Daguerre made famous by her films.
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The 15th Arrondissement

Suffren, Bir-Hakeim
If you choose me, you will be able to 

♦ Rub shoulders with the Eiffel Tower and the Statute of Liberty at the same time
♦ Enjoy a dynamic district to go out with some friends 

Attractive and not very touristy district, the 15th nevertheless lets you see the fabulous Iron Lady in the bend of many streets.
The Avenue de Suffren is adorned with elegant buildings, and the Bir-Kakeim Bridge and its aerial metro offer a cinematic and little-used spectacle.
Georges Brassens Park is a real success story that delights adults and children alike. The bravest will be able to venture into one of the largest water parks: Aqua Boulevard.
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The 16th Arrondissement

Auteuil, Passy
If you choose me, you will be able to

♦ Enjoy a pastry at Carette's in front of the Eiffel Tower
♦ Go to the Ban Thaï Massage
♦ Treat yourself to the latest in contemporary art at the Palais de Tokyo late at night

Sprinkled with numerous 1900s villas and Arts Déco buildings, the 16th has an exceptional cultural offer: Museum of Modern Art, Palais de Tokyo, Théâtre de Chaillot, Fashion Museum, which leaves no room for boredom.
Close to the Bois de Boulogne and the Champs de Mars, the 16th is an ideal location for those who want to combine the fury of the city with the tranquility of nature.
This district is also famous for hosting the annual Roland Garros tournament and prestigious matches and artists at the Parc des Princes.
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The 17th Arrondissement

Ternes, Batignolles
If you choose me, you will be able to

♦ Go to the organic market on the Boulevard des Batignolles
♦ Dine in the hidden garden of the Bistrot des Dames
♦ Enjoy an evening of theatre at the Petit Hébertot

Actually, there are two 17ths.
To the south, Les Ternes, the rue de Courcelles, Parc Monceau. The district of the beautiful, opulent buildings with a village atmosphere and a refined cultural activity such as at the Salle Pleyel. Famous also for its markets, the one on rue Lévis, the Poncelet market.
To the north, Les Batignolles, the Forks, Avenue de Clichy, Rue des Moines, a more popular and booming neighbourhood.
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The 18th Arrondissement

If you choose me, you will be able to

♦ See the electric red lights of the Moulin Rouge
♦ Climb the avenue Junot and to stop for tea at the Hôtel Particulier
♦ Benefit from the excellent programming of the cinema entirely decorated by Jean Cocteau: the Studio 28

Montmartre offers a journey out of time, its cobbled streets, its vineyards, its Sacré-Coeur, its accordions, its painters, this district is an invitation to reverie.
And it is certainly no coincidence that Boris Vian lived there at the end of his life, Impasse Veron to be exact, he then had Prévert as his illustrious neighbour.
You have to climb a little up the rue Lepic to discover the Café des Deux Moulins made famous by the "Fabuleux destiny of Amélie Poulin", and climb it a little more to arrive in the Abbesses district, rather bobo, but still authentic.
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The 19th Arrondissement

Les Buttes Chaumont, La Villette
If you choose me, you will be able to 

♦ Resist the atmosphere of the Rosa Bonheur's guinguette
♦ Enjoy a stroll on the Bassin de la Villette
♦ Take advantage of the large MK2 cinemas
♦ Be a music lover and appreciate going to the Philharmonie or the Cité de la Musique

The Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, the green lung of Paris, is the attractive center of the district. A popular meeting place for bucolic picnics or simply a family outing. You have to venture off the beaten track to soak up the charm of this district in full transformation.
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The 20th Arrondissement

Belleville, Ménilmontant
If you choose me, you will be able to 

♦ Be in a perpetual journey
♦ Spend time in La Bellevilloise where many events are organized (dance, stand-up, concerts)

The 20th is composed of old villages: Belleville, Ménilmontant, Charonne. Here it is the mix of cultures that makes all the charm of this colourful district.
There are artists in need of privacy, craftsmen, people of all nationalities and this joyful mix makes the 20th a place in perpetual turmoil.
The Belleville Park offers beautiful gardens.
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Copyright Vladimir Antaki