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The Parisian islands, return on these appreciated places.
Posted on 10/03/2022

The Parisian islands, return on these appreciated places.

Paris is punctuated with several unusual places. Green corners between two waters, showing a completely different dimension of the capital and offering walks full of history.


Let's have a look at these Parisian islands: 


The most historical, the “Ile de la Cité” and the “Ile Saint Louis” :

Formerly called Lutetia, the Ile de la Cité is the oldest district of Paris, the ancient cradle of the capital, it alone gathers unmissable monuments such as Notre-Dame, the Pont Neuf and the Sainte Chapelle.

Saint-Louis island has kept its calm and its elegance. This natural island located in the IVth district of Paris is, today, a very sought-after residential area. Among its many residents, one can count Marie Curie, Charles Baudelaire, or Georges Pompidou.


The most New York of all, Swan Island: 

Located in the west of Paris, this is probably the least known of the Parisian islands, it stands out thanks to the presence of our mini Statue of Liberty offered by the United States to France in 1889, to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution.


The most adventurous, the islands of the Bois de Vincennes: 

Mini caves, gazebos, Greek temple, weeping willows... The Bois de Vincennes groups five artificial islands and offers us a little piece of paradise from the time of Adolphe Alphand who wanted to create a place to live, meet and adventure.


The most secret, the Bois de Boulogne island: 

A favorite place of Marcel Proust, this small island is located on the lower lake of the Bois de Boulogne and offers exceptional tranquility. The chalet offered by Napoleon III to the Empress Eugenie was transformed into a literary café offering a gourmet interlude by the lake.  


The most residential, the Ile de la Jatte: 

Much more than just a patch of greenery or a place to live, the Ile de la Jatte is one of the centers of artistic life and an inspiration for the Impressionists, thus participating in its worldwide fame. A true haven of peace, this island is, today, highly sought after for its proximity to chic suburbs such as Neuilly-sur-Seine: known for its quality schools and its strategic location at the gateway to the capital. 


Each of these islands has its own assets and distinctive features. A stopover on one of them shows us that Paris will always surprise us and that we can get away without really moving away. 

And you, what is your favorite island?