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Decoration Trends 2024

Decoration Trends 2024

In 2024, decorating trends will be marked by a bold mix of colours, materials and styles,
materials and styles to create interiors that are elegant, warm and personalised.
and personalised. Here, we take a look at some of them:

Inspirations and influences
1970s style is back! Vintage is back with a modern twist
with a modern twist, combining period furniture with contemporary fabrics and
bright colours. This creates an interesting dialogue between past and present,
adding a unique, historic dimension to interiors. A decorating trend
trend: chrome finishes, brown and orange colours and psycho-inspired geometric shapes.
psychedelic geometric shapes.

Styles and fittings
The minimalist style is making a comeback, but in a warmer way, with a pared-down decor focused on functionality and comfort.
simplicity and functionality. This style is characterised by
clean lines, soft colours and high-quality materials.
At the same time, a playful and bold trend is emerging, the arty style, which favours
original shapes, bright colours and unique patterns for an interior that fully
fully reflects the personality of its occupants. Your living room becomes a
gallery of paintings set off by designer and often colourful furniture and accessories.
colourful furniture and accessories.

Colours and materials
Colour palettes are taking a brighter, more cheerful direction, with shades such as green, pink and orange dominating.
green, pink and orange dominating. Brown is also making
back, adding shades of chocolate, caramel and terracotta for a warm and comforting
warm and comforting ambience.
Ecological and sustainable materials are favoured, as are recycled and upcycled materials.
upcycled materials. Metal, in the form of aluminium, stainless steel and chrome, is also reappearing
to bring an industrial touch to interiors. The trend is now towards
decorative objects and finishes in chrome. From mirror frames to fully chrome-plated
its impeccable charm is reminiscent of the 1970s.

Space and function
Living spaces are being transformed to become more versatile and adapted to
work habits. Home offices are becoming
elegant hybrid spaces, incorporating multifunctional and aesthetic solutions.
aesthetic solutions. The kitchen, meanwhile, is becoming a place of extreme customisation,
with meticulous details such as the marked veining of marble and the patterns of
travertine patterns, as well as discreet appliances for a refined look.

Finally, the 2024 décor is marked by a fusion of tradition and innovation, with
a strong desire to create spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and
respectful of the environment. And what about you? What's your decorating trend for
your home?