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Haussmannian: the art of real estate
Posted on 01/02/2022

Haussmannian: the art of real estate

Haussmannian buildings represent the architectural cachet of Paris. These exceptional properties, endowed with charm and offering beautiful surfaces, appeared in the 19th century, when Napoleon III asked Baron Haussmann to modernize urban planning. The Parisian buildings then experienced a real revival and their construction was governed by two watchwords: size and alignment. Indeed, Haussmann's idea was to draw an urban plan that would perfectly fit into the predefined axes and give Paris this image of homogeneity.

How do you recognize a Haussmann building? 

The façade is the essential element of the Haussmannian style. Built in ashlar and decorated with moldings and cornices, the buildings had to be aligned and respect a distinct height, proportional to the width of the street and never exceed six floors in order to form a single architectural whole.

The windows are majestically large and identically proportioned, creating a perfectly flat façade and contributing to the impression of order that emanates from these buildings. 
Spinning balconies run the length of the Haussmann building, on the 2nd floor, representing the noble floor dedicated to the bourgeoisie: easy to access and with vast spaces. And on the 5th floor, these balconies provide, in addition to a breathtaking view, a harmonious exterior appearance.  

An inspiration for the Impressionists 

The modernization of Parisian architecture inspired several artists, notably the Impressionists, who highlighted this urbanism and this city reinvented at the time of Napoleon III.
Gustave Caillebotte was one of the first witnesses to the metamorphosis of the capital, telling the story of this topographical and social change through his drawings, reflecting the coherence of the urban plan and the creation of a city dedicated to the bourgeoisie.

Why buy in a Haussmannian building?

When you buy a Haussmannian building, you are buying a home with charm and character: parquet floors, fireplaces, moldings, high ceilings, mirrors, overmantels... these quality features give a cachet for lovers of the old that cannot be found in recent or semi-recent buildings.

In addition to their inescapable charm, Haussmannian residences are characterized by majestic windows and large, light-filled spaces, offering functional flexibility and the possibility of transformation or remodeling, a great advantage for future buyers.

Much more than a simple architectural style, these buildings are located along the main avenues and boulevards built by Baron Haussmann. They benefit from a privileged location, in the central, bourgeois and sought-after districts of Paris. 

The Parisian style is not only a style or a facade, at Square's International, we also value the immediate environment, the floor and the views or the condominium... Essential assets to seduce our customers.

And you, are you old or new?