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For several years, Square's has associated its group with the world of the arts. The fact of collaborating with artists brings a different approach to a rather strict and codified real estate sector.
In a previous article, we explained the development of this artistic project and the energy that emanates from it. But today we turn our attention to the universe of the artists who agreed to collaborate with our team. 

It all began in 2013 with Juan Carlos Pena, a chilian painter with works charged with serene beauty that capture luminosity. Fervent of "painting is color"!

Vaïnui de Castelbajac, an illustrator and animation director will be our second collabration in 2013. She draws a series of portraits reflecting her personality, namely funny and colorful, which will be exhibited in our agency in Neuilly.

In 2014 is held the opening of Gildo Medina, where he presents 17 of his latest creations "Neo portraits". This multidisciplinary artist has exhibited in prestigious art fairs, museums and galleries, embassies, foundations and other cultural institutions around the world. This is a beautiful collaboration.

The works of Bert Stern (deceased in 2013) are being honored in 2015 by a famous art dealer with whom we decide to collaborate. We exhibit the paintings of the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe, a last session a bit particular made for Vogue in 1962 and that the star will never see. An emotional moment!

In 2015 we also welcome the original illustrations and drawings of Matt Nguyen, a London-based illustrator. This artist is influenced by his love of British pop-culture, street fashion, funny looking animals and his childhood fascination with all things American.

In 2016, after exhibiting in the most prestigious galleries in Italy, in Rome, Venice, Ferrara, Giampaolo Atzeni chose Square's gallery for his first Parisian exhibition. On the occasion of this event, he created a collector's item, a painting dedicated to the world of Louis Vuitton, which also echoes Square's neighbor, the Louis Vuitton Foundation.  

The artist Cévé specializes in contemporary sculpture. It was in 2017 that she organized a solo exhibition in our premises, for 3 months.
She stands out for the purity of the line and the smooth-tensioned bronze finish. She is the origin of our mascot: the Teddy Square's.

In 2019, we welcome a daring and vocal female artist, Marie Field. She is inspired by symbols and the exuberance of the self-centered and narcissistic behaviors of our time.

Ramona Iurato is the artist who also marks 2019 with an opening in our Neuilly branch to present her exhibition entitled "Dreaming of Paris". Italian illustrator and graphic designer, she exhibits for Square's Gallery with a series of 10 lively and colorful illustrations.

In 2020, Square's is collaborating with Leona Rose on a very big project. This artist is known for projecting on paper crazy colorful jungles inhabited by animals that look strangely like us. She will personalize our logo with her universe for a fun and colorful rendering. 

This year, we have exhibited the works of Ludovic Baron in the premises of our new agency located in Paris 17th. This French artist-photographer has been using his imagination to create his art since his childhood. For the opening of our agency, he offers us an exhibition on the monuments of Paris. A real show for the clients of Square's Ternes.

We wish to continue to collaborate with different artists to exhibit their works in our real estate offices. Square's Gallery is waiting for you to live a moment of sharing and become the new artistic talent of the group.