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The digitalisation of the real estate sector: good or bad news?

The digitalisation of the real estate sector: good or bad news?

Year after year, digital is developing at great speed in various sectors. The real estate sector has not been left behind, and since the covid-19 period, many digital solutions have been put in place by real estate agencies. Today we have decided to take a look at how these innovative methods work and to see the positive and negative impacts of these new solutions.

Digital shop windows, for a dynamic and captivating display.

Real estate agencies use their shop windows to showcase their current properties. It is the first link that is created between the buyer and the real estate office, a
a quick overview of the properties for sale. It is an essential tool for exhibiting exceptional and prestigious properties and for promoting them in an authentic manner.

There are two schools of thought: those who opt for a digital display, for its dynamic side or those who remain sober with a classic but effective display.

Square's opts for a window display with fixed frames in order to ensure a daily renewal without loss of without loss of quality.

Augmented reality combined with 3D modelling, a revolution in the world of real estate world.

Several situations may force us to resort to virtual visits: lack of time, search for properties from the lack of time, searching for properties from abroad or even exceptional situations as with covid-19.

To overcome these difficulties in visiting properties, several solutions have been put in place
such as :

- video visits: your real estate agent contacts you through a video conference platform video conferencing platform to accompany you virtually on the visit of your property.
This method allows us to better target potential buyers and gives owners the security of knowing how to enhance the value of their property.

- the 3D plan: thanks to 3D modelling, it is now possible to draw up 3D plans and thus help future plans in relief and thus help future buyers to project themselves within a
housing. This plan can then be viewed on a smartphone or tablet. A feature also allows you to take your client on a journey through the plan, and to move through each room of the property yourself as you visit. A good way to see the rendering or the possible layout even before the property is built, even before the property is built. In other words, a new property purchase with plans that are truer to life so that you can project yourself into your possible future house.

Despite their practicality, these tools remain very controversial in the real estate sector. Indeed, many people believe that nothing can replace a visit to the house,
many people believe that nothing can replace physical visits and for good reason, many clients prefer this relationship of trust established with their negotiators.

The real meeting offers the possibility of a personalised accompaniment adapted to each client. It is also the best way to see the dimensions of the property visited, its environment and to feel the love for it.

At Square's, our priority is to be close to our clients and to ensure their trust. We have a more direct approach with our customers in order to create a link and an unfailing trust. Furthermore, we believe it is important to capture the buyer's emotion during the physical visit in order to better target their expectations.

So augmented reality is a good idea, but more as a support tool. After the physical visit, it could be interesting to send modelling plans to your buyers,
to help them familiarise themselves with the changes that could be made to optimise the property in question.

Websites for advanced digitisation of real estate ads.

The website of an agency has become essential and is the very essence of the brand image. The main advantage is to be able to highlight properties directly on the site and thus the catalogue to the clientele. The aim is to make it accessible and easy to use to have the desired effect.

The website is now moving towards video formats to boost sales and attract buyers. However, video formats that are too heavy increase the loading time and therefore slow down the performance of the website.

At Square's we quickly understood the importance of using the video format. However, we continue to use photo formats to present our properties on our website in order to give the buyer the opportunity to have a real "customer experience" during a physical visit.

Digital communication, an essential medium for 2.0 communication.

In order to communicate effectively, it is necessary to combine traditional and digital communication. Real estate agencies were aiming to use social networks as sales channels. Using it in the wrong way, more modern communication strategies have been put in place to create a real community.

In fact, a bad digital strategy conveys the wrong message. It is necessary to offer attractive content for customers, advice or entertainment, based on the essence of the business.

At Square's we have decided to put people first, with posts sharing, team building, our artistic approach and upcoming events. We try to be as close as possible to our clients, to give them advice and transparency about our work.

Digitalisation of customer service.

These new digital solutions greatly help professionals in the sector to optimise customer relations. To ensure optimal and transparent service, some platforms allow
buyers to leave a comment on an agency or on the quality of the negotiator's work during the buying process. It is possible to find customer testimonials on online platforms.

In addition, the introduction of an instant online chat to answer questions about the various properties on offer is becoming more common. Although not very developed at the moment, this solution would provide information in a simplified and almost immediate way. However, the usefulness of this solution in the real estate sector is questionable.

We have focused on experience sharing with the creation of a Square's section on the "MeilleursAgents" website, in order to allow our customers to give feedback on their experience in our offices. We are more than happy to have your feedback to ensure a seamless customer experience.