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Our tips for selling your property

Our tips for selling your property

You want to sell your property and you are wondering what steps to take? The project of selling a property involves many preparations. Indeed, the sale of a property must respect several stages to ensure its good progress.

For the sale of your property, you can decide to go through professionals or choose a direct sale approach, in both cases a preliminary preparation will be necessary. Selling your property can be more complicated than it seems, you may be subject to deadlines, especially if you plan to move and buy a new home. In order to avoid prolonging the sale delays, we advise you to prepare yourself and follow some rules to attract visitors and sell quickly at the best price. Thus, no detail should be forgotten. We have therefore decided to reveal to you today our advice for selling your property.

1.   Call on a professional to estimate the real price of the property

"How much can I sell my property for? ". You are wondering how much your property is worth, it is true that estimating the price of a property can be more complicated than it seems. This is the most important question that is asked when a property is put up for sale, but it is not easy for an individual to estimate the fair value of a property.
This step is however essential, to estimate the value of its property requires to have a sharp knowledge of its district, of the practised prices, of the last sales carried out and of the various criteria making it possible to evaluate a property (geographical situation, arrangement, exposure, state, weighting of an outside etc). We therefore strongly advise you to call upon a professional to estimate your property. He will bring you his expertise of the market and will quickly determine the strong and weak points of your property to guarantee you a quality estimate at the right price.

2.   Establish the technical diagnostics

Secondly, when selling a property, it is important to ask a professional (which can also be done by your real estate agent) to carry out the required diagnostics such as asbestos, lead, termites, etc. These diagnoses must imperatively be carried out by a certified professional. In fact, they are mandatory and reinforce the protection of the buyer and the seller, while improving the information of the buyer. For example, you must provide buyers with the following diagnoses:

♦ Le diagnostic amiante 
♦ Le diagnostic Électricité
♦ Le diagnostic ERP
♦ Le diagnostic Gaz
♦ Le diagnostic Merule
♦ Le diagnostic Metrage Loi Carrez
♦ Le diagnostic de performance énergétique (DPE)
♦ Le diagnostic Plomb
♦ …..

Its various real estate technical diagnoses will have to be collected in a file called the Technical Diagnostic File (DDT). This single file must be attached to any promise to sell and any sale of a dwelling. It is imperative that each of these documents be transmitted to the buyer via your notary. Indeed, the seller must present them to the buyer, as soon as the sale agreement is signed. However, we advise you to pay attention to the period of validity, because this document has a validity period that you should not exceed.

3.   Highlight the assets of the property

Before buying a property, the future buyer wants to visit the house or the apartment he plans to buy to get an idea and sometimes to give in to a real crush. This visit generally marks the turning point of a sale, it is thus capital to put forward the assets of your property. Indeed, the buyer generally makes his decision from the first minutes of a visit, it is important that he has a positive first impression. For the sale of a property, we recommend making a list of the strong and weak points of the property.
You can call on a professional to reveal the potential of your house or apartment, but also of the neighborhood. The objective is to obtain the most neutral decoration possible to allow the future owner to better appreciate the place.

4.   Have quality photos taken 

In the sale of a property, well taken photos are much more essential than one might think. This step is very important in the process of selling a house. If your ads contain many photos that give a clear view of the property you are offering, the potential buyer will be more likely to contact you to arrange a viewing! The first choice is photos. Indeed, you will need quality photos to promote your property, the clearer they are, the better.
Please note that a real estate ad accompanied by beautiful photos will attract more attention from potential buyers. This is what will make buyers want to move towards the property. Many properties for sale have the same characteristics as yours: bedrooms, kitchen, a terrace and/or a large garden. The objective is to differentiate yourself through photos. Attracting the eyes of these potential customers is essential for your sale. Photos taken by a professional will be more attractive than photos taken with a phone and will increase your chances of selling quickly.

5.   Relying completely on the professional

In order to sell your property better and especially to have a large number of potential buyers, it is interesting to call upon real estate professionals. By using a structure, you will not have to worry about administrative procedures or visits. Buyers prefer to visit without the owners. They are freer to make their location and to take their ease. A real estate agency locates serious buyers for you thanks to its experience in the field.
You avoid wasting precious time by directing yourself to a real estate office. Price estimation, advertising on real estate platforms and social networks, organization of visits. Going through a real estate agency will bring you a greater visibility and a gain of precious time at the time of the sale. On the other hand, a professional knows the local real estate market and will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of your property. You can also call upon a home staging specialist who will advise you on the best way to highlight the assets of your property. 

6.   Listen to the offers to buy

You will initially have many offers. Avoid systematically rejecting offers that you feel are too low. You can simply ask the buyer to give you time to think about it.
This strategy will give you more time without putting unnecessary pressure on you.

7.   Keep your commitment

If you hire a real estate professional to sell your home, it is very important to keep your promise. For example, when a real estate agency introduces you to a client, you cannot sell the property directly to a buyer without the knowledge of the professional because the latter will have the right to sue you.

You now have all the keys to make a sale under the best auspices. You will be able to rely on its various techniques which will enable you to sell your house well. Entrusting the sale of your home to a professional is often the best option, so you can live more serenely this important period in your life.