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When containment means change

When containment means change

"Happiness is in oneself, at home, around oneself, and below oneself." Henri Estienne

Teleworking, confinement : This period will have made us find our living spaces, re-evaluate our needs and question our real estate projects : Acquire more space? Move to the country? Revisit our decoration?

While the third confinement is taking place at the moment, we are led to stay at home more often with the generalization of telecommuting, and many French people feel imprisoned in their homes. From now on, our home, which was previously a place of comfort, is gradually becoming the epicentre of our lives. Moreover, the arrival of the warm weather gives rise to a desire for change; we aspire to a larger and greener living environment, or to change our decoration. These changes are largely motivated by the desire to regain a balanced life in this anxiety-inducing context.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the Meilleurs Agents study, 24% of French people have aspired to change region or city. For example, more and more clients have expressed their desire to leave the city to enjoy more space and live in a greener environment. This desire is mainly motivated by the restrictions and the numerous confinements, removing all the little pleasures that make life in the city so charming (closure of cultural places, bars, restaurants, etc.), but also by the search for space.

The need for additional comfort is growing, everyone wants to be able to work in good conditions at home. Remote working redefines the whole home, but above all the spaces for working and reconciling family life. A context that motivates a desire to set up a new organisation of our homes, to rethink the way we live in our homes. Indeed, we can see that sales in decoration have exploded, according to Ipea, the turnover of the furniture sector is up by +13.7% in August 2020 compared to August 2019.

The situation we are currently experiencing has led us to question our real estate projects, a need to get away from it all, to have more space. Our teams are at your disposal to accompany you in your desire for renewal. They will provide you with all their expertise and advice to help you find your corner of paradise, a property that will meet all your expectations and where you will enjoy living.