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When a property becomes a work of art

When a property becomes a work of art

An artist is someone who puts his soul at the heart of everything he does because he sees the essence of people, things and the world around him.
Malou Moulis, Artistologist

It is often said that a house is the image of its owner. More than just walls, real estate is a place of life that characterizes us. When we discover a home, we find ourselves immersed in the daily life of a person, but also in their world. In addition, there are some properties that are out of the ordinary, atypical properties that become works of art. Often steeped in history, they are revealed as an enchanted interlude in the image of their hosts, to be visited while dreaming. We take you to discover the homes of some of the great names in art, houses that have often been the place of creation and inspiration. From Paris to Mexico City, via Chile, these exceptional properties can be found all over the world.

Serge Gainsbourg and his private mansion:

It is at 5 bis rue Verneuil, a mythical address in Paris, that one can discover Serge Gainsbourg's mansion. For thirty years, the facade of the hotel has been covered with graffiti, drawings and messages from fans. It has become a place of pilgrimage and is due to open to the public on the 30th anniversary of the artist's death. This property is full of atypically decorated rooms still inhabited by the magnetic presence of the artist. From the large living room with a portrait of Brigitte Bardot, to the living room filled with vinyl records and beautiful souvenirs that lend themselves to anecdote. Serge Gainsbourg's house seems to be a timeless place full of reverie.

Frida Kahlo and her blue house:

Located in the centre of Coyoacán in Mexico, La Casa Azul, also known as the Blue House, is a real eye-catcher with its intoxicatingly intense blue façade. Usually open to the public, the house can now be visited virtually from the Google Arts & Culture platform. As a museum house, you can discover a house full of feelings and creativity. Still intact, the interior is as if suspended from all temporality, preserving the artist's soul. Each room plunges us into the intimacy of Frida Kahlo and her singular universe. We find ourselves wandering from her sunny kitchen dressed with ceramics to her studio where the pigments are carefully arranged in front of the easel. The journey to the heart of the artist's daily life becomes more intimate when the visit gives way to the preciously preserved dresses, corsets, jewellery, beauty products and other trinkets. The exterior, with its beautiful Mexican-inspired gardens, also offers its share of surprises.

Pablo Neruda and his boat house:

Anchored in the city of Valparaíso, the superb villa of the famous poet Pablo Neruda, nicknamed "La Sebastiana", offers a privileged view of a colourful port city. Arranged like a boat, it conceals a round part similar to a lighthouse, and is extended by a luxuriant exotic garden. Decorated with old photos of the port and other singular objects, the house immerses us in a decor filled with heterogeneous and abundant objects, collected on trips or from artist friends. This organised disorder takes us into another time, and we are led to imagine the original and creative life of the famous poet in these places. Situated on the heights of the city, in random balance on the slopes overlooking the port, the property faces the Pacific Ocean, and reveals an unobstructed view of an infinite sea through windows in the form of ship's dormers. A chimney emerges from the roof, reminding us of the steam of the ships that the artist saw docking and departing from his window. La Sebastiana is presented as the poet's ship, he said of himself that he was an estuary sailor, fascinated by the sea, who preferred the stability of dry land from which he observed it.

Through this artists' houses, we wanted to share with you the nuggets of art that inspire us. At the heart of our values, art plays an important role in our vision of real estate. Even if, at first glance, associating art and real estate may seem surprising, these two worlds come together in many ways: they combine, among other things, both emotion and reason. Hence the richness of our profession, which from an objective value of a property, arouses a subjective love affair of our clients. Heart and reason, the perfect mix for a new life project