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A name in the image of  our history

A name in the image of our history

"There is always a place for that, for people, life, history, hope, even in pieces there is a place. ...] a square. A place like words."Marguerite Duras

The name of our agency comes from a journey, an inspiration, an emotion. It was while thinking of a trip to London, a walk in the squares from Paris to New York, that we came up with the draft of our name. Indeed, we wanted to have a name with a symbolism, a story that reflects our values and it was quite natural that we thought of Square's International. The term "Square's International" was not chosen at random, it is a combination of the words "square" and "international".

The word "square" refers to a square of greenery with trees and lawns. A small public garden, generally located out of sight, it is known by few people, who secretly pass on the confidential location of this haven of peace. A definition that reflects our values of confidentiality and trust. Usually located in the middle of a square, the square is often placed as an observer of the life that surrounds it. Present on the corner of a street or at the four corners of the world, it is the Crossroads of the world. Just like our agencies, which want to be present in the heart of cities, to accompany you in your real estate projects. A friendly spirit, an attachment to what you want: this is what we wanted to highlight in the name of our company.

On the other hand, we also wanted to link this symbolism to our logo. The square, being in the form of a square, also represents the rigour and respect for rules, which are at the heart of our vision of real estate. We wanted to have a name that was both legible in English and French so that it would be easy to understand by our national and international clientele. But, which would also integrate this idea of an international agency present with you, in all your projects.

Our title, "Square's International", thus affirms our ambition to be resolutely at the heart of your lives, your desires, in a wider context, from the heart of the city to the heart of the world.