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Coliving ... the new trend

Coliving ... the new trend

Finding accommodation in a big city is never easy. The rental market is very tight: there's a lot of supply, but there's also a lot of demand. It's not enough to find the apartment that's right for you; landlords also have to choose you. One solution? Shared accommodation! There are many other reasons for choosing to share an apartment:

  A small place to call your own, or a big place to share with others? More space ... for less!

The main advantage of sharing a flat is, of course, the cost of the rent in relation to the surface area rented. For a similar rent, you can opt for a 15m² flat or a bedroom in a 100m² apartment with a living room, kitchen and maybe even a bathroom somewhere other than on the landing, and above all a terrace or garden! 

  Roommates save you money 

Beyond the cost of rent, a whole budget is divided by the number of flatmates. Bills, service charges, exceptional expenses... all these costs are shared between the flatmates. 

  The feeling of having a home and fighting loneliness

Another reason for choosing a shared apartment is to share time and activities with your roommates. Living with a roommate means that you're never alone, whether at mealtimes or at parties.

New encounters ... cultural exchanges 
Living with other people opens your mind, allows you to discover other cultures, new ways of life, create unique bonds, share experiences ... do each other favors. And why not improve your foreign languages! Maybe even find a confidant, a life partner, ... it could even lead to a romantic encounter, or even an artistic or professional project. Who knows!

  It's not always easy to live together, especially when you don't have the same habits. It's always important to maintain good relations and a certain conviviality, through simple rules of organization and also through evening get-togethers. 

What about you, are you more likely to be alone or accompanied?