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Which heating method to adopt in 2023-2024?
Posted on 27/11/2023

Which heating method to adopt in 2023-2024?

A word to the wise! Winter is here, and we're sure you don't want to stay wrapped up under a blanket all day long, shivering. Square's helps you find the best way to heat your home, while respecting the environment and your wallet. 

The cheapest form of energy, wood heating, is winning over more and more households. What's more, this type of heating doesn't add to the greenhouse effect: an important factor in today's climate challenges. 
If installing a pellet-fired boiler can be too costly, many opt for a wood-burning stove or insert. As well as being stylish, these appliances are also smaller and can be easily installed in a living room or kitchen. When used in conjunction with a main heating system, they are the ideal auxiliary heating solution for households looking to save energy.

Solar energy is an economical solution, because it's free, but it's also environmentally friendly. In fact, you can save between 10% and 50%, wherever you live. By connecting a solar water heater to solar panels, the heated water can be stored to power a hydraulic heating system, such as water radiators or underfloor heating.
However, one of its major drawbacks is its intermittent nature. Indeed, at night or during the winter, when days are shorter and the sun is less present, solar energy may not be sufficient. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to combine it with another heating system, such as a heat pump or boiler, which can take over from it.

Despite being used in 11 million French homes, gas is -today- no longer recommended. Following the 2020 Environmental Regulations, it is no longer possible to opt for this type of heating in new homes.  
The same applies to oil heating, which has been banned in new and existing homes since July 2022. Even if it is possible to adapt the boiler to run on biofuel, this will cost 15% more than oil, so it won't be an economical alternative. 

Finally, the heating system you choose for your home also depends on the size of your home, your heating requirements and your budget.