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The 2024 Olympic Games: what impact for the city of Paris? 

The 2024 Olympic Games: what impact for the city of Paris? 

The world's biggest sporting event, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, will take place in Paris, respectively from July 26 to August 11, and August 28 to September 8. And for this occasion, the city is getting ready... Between transport worksites, new constructions, more than 200 different nationalities present, Paris will take on a completely different aspect than the one Parisians already know so well. 
The City of Paris was awarded the 2024 Olympic Games because its bid advocated total respect for the environment. Indeed, it already owns 93% of the infrastructure, which means very little construction work and a reasonable budget. 

The main challenge of organizing the Olympic Games in Paris is the construction of new spaces during the Games period, which will become housing, from studios to 3-room apartments, as well as social housing. 
Renting out your property to Olympic spectators inside Paris, and also in the Paris region farther from the center. In the Ile-de-France region, a night's stay could cost up to 200 euros, and even more in the best districts of Paris. 

It's worth noting that the city of Saint-Denis will be in the spotlight during this period, with the clear aim of "re-branding" the city's image after the competition. 
What's more, the mobilization of housing is no mean feat. In fact, it's a question of housing all the personnel, such as the police, security guards and medical staff, as close as possible to the infrastructures. 

The Greater Paris project is also impacted: Less than a year before the start of the competition, the aim of the Greater Paris project is to make all the towns on the outskirts of Paris accessible, without passing through the center of Paris: this is the case for lines 15, 16 and 17, which are currently under construction and are supposed to be finished by June 2024, but will actually be completed in 2026. Only the extension of line 14 from Orly to Saint-Denis remains on schedule. 
Another major challenge is the roadworks, which will have to be completely cleared several months before and after the competition. The aim is to smooth traffic flow, which is likely to be very dense during the Olympic Games. 

All in all, all the changes made to the city will be beneficial to its attractiveness and economic development.