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Myths about real estate agents

Myths about real estate agents

Real estate is no exception, and for many professions, clichés and preconceived ideas can have a hard life. In this article, we explain why these preconceived ideas about the real estate profession are wrong. 

"It's easy to sell your property: anyone can be a real estate agent!
There was a time when the real estate agent profession was very accessible.  But today, it's regulated by the Hoguet and Alur laws, which call for a specific diploma and regular training. 
You may be tempted to post the photos of your property on SeLoger yourself, but in reality, the legal and tax expertise of a real estate agent is an essential help: current leases, new laws, principles of application of tax exemption schemes, clauses in pre-sale contracts and compromises, the final deed of sale - all these words may seem abstract to you, but our negotiators have mastered them to the tip of their fingers!

"The real estate agent's job is to visit properties all day long".
Visiting properties is an integral part of the job, but there are many other activities that negotiators must devote themselves to in order to make those famous visits. First of all, you have to find people who are selling their property, negotiate the price, sign a mandate, and then possibly do some home staging or a work estimate if there's a risk that the customer might have difficulty projecting. Then, after a conclusive visit, it's time to resume negotiations and reach an agreement on the price between sellers and buyers, ending with the signing of promises to sell and final sales agreements. 

"Real estate agents forget about us once the mandate is signed".
In fact, the opposite is true! Over the course of several months, or even years, we meet regularly, and it's not unusual for a real bond of friendship to develop between you and us. And at Square's, we make it a point of honor to establish a relationship based on trust, which is essential to ensure that our exchanges are as effective as possible. And when the real estate experience is a success, you'll often come back to us after several years for a new project! 

"Commissions are too expensive".
It's probably the most overheard phrase in the entire real estate industry, and the main reason why potential sellers are put off.  Yet all work deserves a salary, and the amount of commission is not set at random. The rules are strict: agency fees must be clearly displayed, and customers benefit from total transparency regarding this price. 

If you've ever said or thought one of these ideas, we don't blame you ;)  We always do our utmost to ensure that our sellers and buyers are completely satisfied and find happiness in their new life project.