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Review of the Immotard experience
Posted on 08/07/2022

Review of the Immotard experience

Created 7 years ago, Immotard is an event that brings together real estate professionals and their passion for two wheels. Beyond a motorcycle ride, it is the celebration of a lifestyle: one that opens the door to new experiences, new places and new networks.

Last Thursday, July 7, the immotards met at the Yvelines golf course. On the program, a tour through the sublime streets of Montfort-l'Amaury, a friendly lunch between enthusiasts, good humor and above all great meetings. The real estate professionals were able to share on this occasion more than a job: the pleasure to ride a scooter or a motorcycle, to take a break, to relax and enjoy the beauty of the place 

With a lot of pleasure (and courage), the president of Square's International had the opportunity to participate in this ride on a mythical motorcycle: James Bond's bike! Backache and leg cramps were the order of the day. We understand why Michelle Yeoh (the James Bond girl) wasn't sitting in the back!  

This great opportunity allowed us to exchange in an idyllic and relaxed setting, bringing together different prestigious real estate groups.