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Top 5 cities to invest in 2021

Top 5 cities to invest in 2021

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" Peter Drucker

You want to invest in real estate? But you don't know where to make this investment
and how to go about it. Don't worry, we are going to present you
our top 5 cities to invest in.

Real estate is a very attractive sector that can be more complicated than it seems.
Investing in real estate will allow you to build up your assets, but also to
create an additional income. However, you are wondering which cities are
to choose for your investments? The choice of the city where you invest is important: the
selected will have a direct impact on the profitability of the investment. There are several variables to consider
to take into consideration when making an investment. Proximity to major cities
cities, living environment, public transportation, all these factors count. We would like to
accompany you in this new investment and for that, we have selected the most
selected the most promising places in which you can invest while benefiting from the advantages of
the advantages of real estate.

♦ Toulouse:
In first place in our ranking, the metropolis of Toulouse, which is full of many
advantages, ideal for a real estate investment. City both dynamic and innovative,
it is one of the main university cities in France, regularly ranked at the top of the
best cities to study. It is an employment area for many sectors including aeronautics and health.
and health, it has several infrastructures that make it an influential city. With its
research centers, its university pole and its grandes écoles, Toulouse is a renowned Technopole
recognized. Resolutely turned towards the future, it works for a sustainable traffic, more fluid developments and a better quality of life.
and a better quality of urban life. Important criteria that an investment in Toulouse. In addition, the pink city has all the
schools, shops, services and public transportation (streetcar, train, services and public transportation (tram, train, bus) that serve the entire city, it is therefore an ideal choice for your
real estate

♦ Clermont-Ferrand:
With its central location, the metropolis of Clermont-Ferrand is a wise choice for
investors. Located at a perfect geographical crossroads, Clermont-Ferrand is a city in the
in the heart of nature where life is good. Formerly an industrial city, not very popular, it has nevertheless
and modernized around its volcanic plateaus while preserving its history.
history. Offering a calm and pleasant living environment to its inhabitants, Clermont-Ferrand has
an attractive economy with the presence of large and renowned companies such as
such as Michelin. The capital of Auvergne also has many advantages, including its cultural richness
its cultural wealth, its status as a breeding ground for jobs and as an attractive student city. A true strategic point
strategic point, very well served by public transport, it connects many French cities
Paris, Béziers, Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Bordeaux. With a strong potential for the future,
it is one of the least expensive cities in France, attracting investors for its high rate of return.
Moreover, with a strong presence of students and the regular arrival of new residents, the city's real estate market is doing very well.

♦ Rennes:
The Breton capital is often featured in rankings of the most promising
and attractive cities in the market
. Rennes, attracts for its opportunities with its university poles
among the most important in France, its ideal setting and its attractive real estate prices. Very
tourism, the metropolis has an efficient public transport network, social services and medical
social services and medical establishments, a rich cultural life, several factors that make it
that make it a great place to live. The city is very attractive in terms of employment,
It is home to the headquarters of many large companies and also attracts many start-ups.
many start-ups. In addition, unemployment is one of the lowest in the country and the city
average and the city is animated by urban planning projects that promote the economic dynamics of the
such as Euro Rennes. Investing in Rennes allows you to benefit from a
income and to build up an asset
base that will increase in value upon resale.

♦ Strasbourg:
Second to last on our list, the city of Strasbourg enjoys a strategic location
at the crossroads of Europe in the Grand-Est region. Historical and cultural capital, it is
recognized for its gentle way of life, its traditional markets, its monuments and its
gastronomy. Investing in Strasbourg gives you the opportunity to benefit from significant savings
thanks to tax exemption schemes, which can represent a great opportunity.
Indeed, the capital of Alsace is one of the most dynamic cities in France with
France, with prices per square meter stable overall, or even slightly down since 2016, according to
figures from SeLogerNeuf. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Strasbourg
is one of the most popular tourist destinations. In addition to tourism, it is an important
financial center, many of the major French and European banks have set up their headquarters and
and trading rooms in the city. On the other hand, the city is forward-looking,
it attracts many investors and companies and continues to develop to offer its inhabitants many
its inhabitants many business opportunities. The city of Strasbourg is strategically located
The city of Strasbourg is strategically located and has a proximity to the German border and further south, to Switzerland.
It is a city accessible by public transport and by bicycle.

♦ Bordeaux:
To finish our ranking, we chose the beautiful city of Bordeaux, known for its
gastronomy, its art of living and its cultural and architectural heritage. The metropolis
Bordeaux is a very dynamic and attractive city in terms of tourism, economy and
cultural level. This city benefits from an ideal geographical situation, a pleasant environment which
that corresponds to all profiles and a very attractive architecture. It is considered as the
the 2nd most appreciated city in France after Paris for its gentle way of life and its
dynamism. It is one of the French regions that attracts many students and young professionals.
The city benefits from a very efficient employment pool. A dynamism that has made it one of the
competitive cities in France, thanks to the presence of multinationals like Cdiscount.
Moreover, the city has many cultural assets, it hosts the National Opera, but also various musical
but also various musical events including many festivals. Listed as a
UNESCO world heritage site, Bordeaux has an international reputation. The metropolis also attracts
thanks to its well-developed motorway, rail and air networks. Moreover, Bordeaux
is a city turned towards the future, it has several urban projects including "Bordeaux 2030" which
which aims to frame all major development projects in Bordeaux from 2015 to 2030.

It is sometimes complicated when embarking on a real estate investment project to
to choose the city where you want to invest. That's why we wanted to give you a list of the best
list of the best cities to invest in, to help you make the right decisions. So
don't hesitate, go for it!