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"Art is the way to feel, love and interpret the heartbeat of the universe." Roch Carrier

Since the creation of the Group, Art has always been intimately linked to the history of our offices. Art is at the heart of our vision and is a key element in our development through our patronage activity. Like our values of know-how, excellence, creativity and confidentiality, this project is fully in line with our artistic and cultural environment.

Our desire is to welcome our clients in a place where art expresses itself to create an atmosphere of well-being, in the image of the goods we offer. Halfway between an agency and an art gallery, we present the work of artists with whom we are associated. Giving free rein to the imagination, creation, expression and identity of each artist, we place the human relationship at the heart of our partnerships. Throughout the year, we host several exhibitions of artists whose vision we share and whom we wish to honour. It is around meetings and numerous exchanges that each exhibition sees the birth of a collaboration between art and prestigious real estate, which perpetuates the link between the artist and the Square's world. Our ambition is to transmit the work and commitment of these artists to you during our openings, in an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Based on a dynamic where the excellence of luxury is combined with the innovation of art, beyond the borders, we wished to make you discover in our offices many universes. A desire that has been present since the beginning, because art contributes to building a strong identity making each project truly unique.Joining the Art of Living in all its aspects and trust is part of our vision to carry out projects that really correspond to the artists we are associated with, to share with you our passion for creativity.

You will be able to discover the works of our artists in our offices, and lose yourself in the works. We look forward to seeing you at our exhibitions. Thomas Merton wrote "Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.".