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Feng Shui for your home

Feng Shui for your home

Feng Shui, which means "wind and water", is an art of Chinese origin which aims to harmonize the energy of a home in order to promote the health, well-being and prosperity of its occupants. It is also considered as "the art of observing the Earth". To succeed in a Feng shui layout implies to respect certain recommendations and we’ve listed some of them below!


Plants and colors:

Favor natural materials for furniture such as wood, ceramic and glass. Be careful not to mix too many materials: it's all about balance.  Plants are a great way to promote positive energy in any space. Not only do they bring life and beauty, but plants can also be carefully chosen with colors that evoke certain feelings. For example, if you have yellow plants, it will create an atmosphere of calm, joy, inspiration and spirituality. Green plants can bring positive energy, growth and balance. Finally, blue plants can help create a sense of confidence and peace.

Wall and furniture colors also play an essential role in the harmony of a home: Bright colors reflecting dynamism and friendliness through orange, red and yellow are for rooms that receive people such as the living room or kitchen. The pale colors, meanwhile, reflect tranquility, reflection and rest, especially with the powder pink, light blue and peach color.


Space and mirrors:

Opt for a soft and distributed lighting in the space rather than a single source of light. We prefer to put more light in a room with dark furniture rather than in a room with light furniture. Good lighting has aesthetic benefits, but also creates a calming atmosphere that encourages balance and positivity.

Avoid clutter and unnecessary objects: the accumulation of objects blocks the flow of energy. That's why we often see very uncluttered decors because it reflects the lifestyle of its owner: an orderly home reflects an orderly life too. It is thus necessary to add accessories of decoraton which resemble you so that this place brings you happiness and prosperity.

Mirrors give an impression of enlarging the space, but there are places to avoid like placing it in front of a bed because they give the impression of a third person who would push to adultery. A rounded mirror is preferable because circular shapes allow energies to flow more easily.

The position of the bed is also important: placed on the North side for a deep sleep or on the East side for an energized awakening. Also, a bed placed against the wall far from the window, soft lights and soothing colors of the Yin element ensure peaceful nights of sleep.


And now that you know a little more about this style, do you want to start using Feng Shui?