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Interview with Leona Rose
Posted on 11/10/2022

Interview with Leona Rose

In full rise, Leona Rose, a young French artist, committed, impregnated
of a colorful and pop universe answers our questions.
Her art inspired by her travels and encounters, a life at a hundred miles an hour
humanizing projects...

An interview that gives the opportunity to discover her through a passionate conversation
passionate conversation.

"I want to bring them happiness, letting go, inspiration so that later they become super-adults.
become super-adults"

  ► Your artistic activity occupies an important place in your daily life. What is the
the balance between your personal and professional life?

For me personally I don't have a balance (laughs).

I get a lot of inspiration from everything around me, even more so during my travels since my art is fed by all these
art is fed by all these things.
However, for some time now I am not alone, I work with my sister! Before, I used to
I used to finish every day at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning... Working with her allows me to have a better
a better balance, I manage to have evenings and weekends.

  ► Beyond art, you have another passion, yoga. Are there any advantages to
combining these two activities?

Yoga is great for me. Physically it keeps me in shape for the
the big art projects I'm doing. Last week I painted a facade, it's very physical so doing
physical so doing yoga helps me build muscle and stretch. I like to go
before and after big jobs.

Yoga helps me relax and connect with my creativity. I have been able to find my style,
deepen it and also organize all my artistic ideas.

  ► What are your future plans?

I would love to be able to share the benefits of yoga by teaching classes to children I
I meet during my travels with NGOs or orphanages... Sometimes these kids are super agitated, yoga
Sometimes these children are very agitated, yoga helps them to pay attention.
The advantage is that for yoga you don't need anything: no need for felt or any other
material. You can do it anywhere. That's the aspect of yoga that I like, I can come to them more spontaneously.
spontaneously to meet them.

  ► At what point did you realize you had created a new art style? If you were to
were to define Popical in 2 words:

Well, I guess I still haven't realized (laughs).

I do things from my heart, I kind of let my inspirations carry me. I have a hard time
I have a hard time taking a step back from what I'm doing because I'm really into it and it's totally absorbing me.
I do what I like and what I like, that's my golden rule.

I would say that Popical is a mix between tropical and everything pop, colorful, rainbow.

  ► Do your works come to you from the tip of the pen or do you anticipate them? Have you ever had
difficulties with inspiration? How do you deal with it?

When I draw, ideas come to me spontaneously! Sometimes I make outlines with a pencil
or I draw directly.
I store images in my head and then when I get to a wall I already have the moodboard
and all my ideas.
I have never really had difficulties with inspiration. Sometimes it's more complicated, if I'm
days, but in general I always anticipate it with yoga, magnetism or massages.
massages. So when I arrive to paint, everything is fine.

  ► Where do you feel most at home?

In the tropics in Mexico facing the sea and the ocean.

  ► We know that you are a woman committed especially to children. What is your
your driving force?

I love being close to children, I am spontaneous with them, I never force myself.

I tell myself that, as a child, I too would have liked someone to show me how to draw
on a wall. It would have inspired me a lot and made me dream.
I know that I am lucky to be where I am today and to live from my passion. I want to
to bring them happiness, to let go, to inspire them so that later on they become

  ► So far, you've worked with many brands and various sectors.
How do you choose your partnerships?

I choose by heart, I try to choose brands that are in line with my
values or brands that I like.

I try more and more to go towards an eco-responsible approach, especially with brands
brands of paints that are committed.
I was offered a project for the World Cup in Qatar and I refused. Yet it was a very cool project
super cool but humanly it did not correspond at all to my values.

► Why do you propose on your networks to your subscribers to come and help you punctually
rather than working with a fixed team?

Because I'm completely on the fly (laughs)!
I always do it at the last moment, I like this spontaneous, free side. But it is true that
But it's true that sometimes it can play bad tricks on me, even if I've always managed well so far!

I like to see who is available that day. I work by feeling, if someone contacts me, well
maybe I was meant to meet that person. It makes me meet some nice people.
But it's true that it's something I can't really afford anymore. I would have to
I'd have to put together a permanent team. It's complicated for me who doesn't like rules.

  ► Throughout your career you have met many different people and
different situations. What is the anecdote you will never forget?

My meeting with Alice and Gabi (his best friends) from Riad Yasmine in Marrakech. I was just
I just came by for afternoon tea. They called me back the next day to offer me to paint the wall behind the
to paint the wall behind the pool, since then they are my best friends! It started with a
tea and now I come to crash at their place every year (laughs).

  ► What is your ideal place to live? The type of property, the architecture, the interior design
in colors...

I would love to live in Pierre Cardin's Bubble Palace. For its coral and pink colors. I love this
place. Everything is round, there are no right angles. I never had the chance to visit it but it's
facing the sea. If it was possible I would just move it to Mexico (laughs).