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Investing in Europe
Posted on 13/09/2022

Investing in Europe

Square's international has prepared a tour of 12 European capitals that represent the best destinations to invest in 2022 / 2023.

From Vienna to London, through Rome, Dublin or Lisbon, there is a city for every investor. Each week, we'll show you what makes these cities unique and which ones offer the best investment opportunities for your portfolio.


Why invest in Vienna?

The Austrian capital has much to be proud of. Its green spaces, which cover 60% of the area, help improve quality of life and urban sustainability. This is why Vienna is one of the best cities in terms of quality of life. Its policies allow everyone to live a pleasant life in this city, regardless of their origin or profession.

Vienna is known as a land of beauty, rich culture and friendly people, a literary and cultural center that is home to some of the world's most famous museums. 

The housing policy of the "Vienna Model" is one of the main pillars of the country's prosperity, as the city seeks to balance social goals with consumer needs. If you want to rent or buy a home in Vienna, it is easy and inexpensive.


Why invest in Berlin?

Berlin is a city that is making a name for itself on the international scene. Every year, more and more companies and people are moving to Berlin. There are great investment opportunities in this rapidly growing city, both economically, demographically and geographically.

The streets of Berlin have become a veritable canvas for artistic expression. From traditional street signs to elaborate murals, street art is all around you.

A country of tenants, Germans like to remain flexible. In Berlin, 85% of residents prefer to rent rather than buy, a situation that looks to continue for years to come.

The German city is growing and building new homes all the time, which is great news for foreign investors, as the return on investment is more than interesting for a city that is attracting more and more new businesses.


Why invest in London?

Investing in England means peace of mind and a steady income. This hot market has cooled considerably due to the Brexit. Most investors looking to buy, even at the current rate, can get an acceptable return on investment in just a few years.

London is an important hub for investment. The city attracts a wide variety of people who come to find their place in the world from cultural dynamos to successful entrepreneurs. It is also a gateway for business travelers, who have access to many international companies located here.

London's political and security environment is stable, its legal and tax environment is favorable with laws that favor landlords. There are no significant problems affecting the area, and rents are increasing at a healthy rate, resulting in below average vacancy rates. 


Why invest in Brussels?

A diverse market of buyers. A great selection of goods and services. A welcoming atmosphere. Brussels has good reason to attract many investors and tourists, whether they are current residents or looking to invest in real estate.

With the highest number of Michelin restaurants per capita in France and Belgium, Brussels is a city full of gastronomic treasures that will satisfy every appetite.

Brussels offers a perfect balance between lifestyle, business and quality of life. It is an important financial center in Europe. In addition to the constant demand for real estate, this offers enormous opportunities for the rental market in Brussels. 

With demand outstripping supply, people are willing to pay more for a property, which offers higher returns to the investor. The investment situation in Brussels is positive, the residential real estate market is very active with a higher purchasing power and a growing number of households. 


Why invest in Madrid?

Popular vacation destination and ranked 9th best city in the world. Madrid is warm, festive and sunny, with beautiful weather year-round. The Spanish capital has a strong job market, is home to some of the best universities in Europe and has some of the most popular museums in the world. 

Madrid is a city with a modern and cosmopolitan character, and has an eclectic architecture, which mixes several remnants of the medieval period with the influence of the Moors and buildings inherited from the Habsburgs and Bourbons.

It is one of the most exciting and dynamic capitals in Europe, with a rich history and a young and dynamic population that is enthusiastic about the city's wide range of activities. Madrilenians are proud of their culture, colorful architecture and beautiful public spaces, as well as their gastronomy, which reflects the internationally renowned chefs who have worked here for decades.


Why invest in Copenhagen?

Denmark is one of the richest countries in the world. It has a very high standard of living and a highly developed economy, taking advantage of its strategic maritime position.

Copenhagen is famous for its unique architecture and traditional events, such as the Renaissance Fair and the Christmas Market.

The Danish mortgage system, based on bonds, has been described as one of the safest, most stable and reliable in the world, making it easy to invest in property.


Why invest in Dublin?

After the recession, Ireland has proven to be an economic miracle. Its GDP growth rate is exceptional and its unemployment rate has never been lower. Dublin's economy is largely supported by the multinational corporate sector, which has recently been gaining increasing attention.

Ireland has an impressive architectural history with examples of architectural heritage dating back to the Neolithic period and its architecture retains its international reputation. From megalithic monuments dating back to 2500 BC, to churches, monasteries and brotherhoods, to round towers and tower houses, to castles and country houses and the new buildings of Dublin. The new architecture of the capital respects the grain and character of this unique and historic Viking city.

In a changing world, Dublin remains an attractive destination for people who want to live and work in one of the continent's most dynamic cities. With a stable political environment, low air pollution and a strong socio-cultural environment, Dublin offers a culturally rich city life and a low cost of living.


Why invest in Rome?

The city of Rome is a perfect destination for real estate investors, thanks to its rich history and luxurious neighborhoods. The city center is home to many beautiful Baroque and Renaissance buildings, as well as many luxury apartments and penthouses.

Rome offers the best of both worlds: the hectic life of a city, but also the quiet beauty of nature. Located in the center of Italy, the Eternal City has been inhabited for more than 2,800 years and attracts more than one million tourists each year. Rome's many monuments and landmarks attract to experience the unique excitement that only this city can offer. From small apartments to gated communities, Rome offers something for everyone.

Italy is an attractive place to invest because of the tax exemption associated with it. Rome offers excellent rental yields, making it an excellent investment opportunity if you have the capital to do so.

Why invest in Lisbon?

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Europe and an important cultural, diplomatic, political, economic and financial center of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Portuguese capital is very popular with real estate investors. It enjoys one of the best climates in Europe and has preserved its natural setting with the beach only 15 minutes from downtown. Lisbon also benefits from advantageous tax conditions for expatriates.

A quick look at the real estate market can give you an idea of what to expect. The rental market is very heterogeneous, but remains predictable and understandable. Rental yields generate 8% in seasonal rentals and about 5% in traditional rentals.


Why invest in Zagreb?

Zagreb is the cultural and administrative center of the country. By investing in rental property, you will have the opportunity to make a profit and grow your investment.

Croatia is a pearl of the Adriatic Sea. A few hours flight from France, this country is ideal to have a pied-à-terre. Its main assets are: a clear sea and beautiful landscapes. Croatia has excellent facilities with beaches, ports and resorts. Among the major cities are Dubrovnik and Split, which are famous for their ancient fortresses, churches and galleries, as well as for their friendly people who have always been proud of their history.

Living in Zagreb is much more affordable and allows French people to live in much better conditions. On average, the cost of living in Croatia is 34% lower than in France. Food, accommodation, daily essentials and small luxuries are cheaper.


Why invest in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a city of canals and culture. With a long history and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has become one of the cultural capitals of the world. This city has historic architecture combined with modern architecture, great art galleries and over 2,500 museums.

Amsterdam is the best place to explore if you are looking for a unique cultural experience. From its famous coffee shops and beautiful canals to its world-famous flea markets and trendy bars, Amsterdam has everything you need for an unforgettable experience.

The capital enjoys an above-average political and macroeconomic environment, sound public finances and a highly developed financial sector. The Dutch government offers several types of financial support to foreign investors, ranging from investment incentives to making it easier to obtain a bank account.


Why invest in Stockholm?

Stockholm is one of Sweden's most diverse cities. It is the meeting point of nature and city life. There are many opportunities for sports and leisure activities, as well as cultural activities. The inhabitants have a good quality of life, with an exceptionally low crime rate.

Sweden is a country with a stable political climate, a high standard of living and stunning natural beauty. With a population smaller than that of London, its capital, Stockholm, is one of the largest cities in Europe. The country's capital is also one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Stockholm is a cosmopolitan city with a well-preserved old town, elegant parks and a stylish waterfront. Its architecture is typical of 18th and 20th century Scandinavia.