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Ideas and tips to enlarge a room
Posted on 17/05/2022

Ideas and tips to enlarge a room

Dark walls, small rooms, narrow hallways... there are many obstacles that limit our dreams of large spaces, but sometimes all it takes is a different layout to create a custom-made feel that's fun and practical to live in. Optical effects that can take an interior from XS to XL.

How to visually enlarge a room?

Multiply the sources of light: 

To visually enlarge a room, we first take care of the lighting. Wall lamps, floor lamps, hanging lamps set the tone and allow to modulate the atmosphere.

The windows also play an important role in the development of space, so do not clutter them and favor light curtains in linen or cotton.

The essential mirrors: 

Mirrors reflect light and reflect your interior in them, they immediately create an impression of grandeur. Whether large or small, vintage or new, mirrors bring volume, so it is an asset not to be overlooked! 

Think about the colors: 

In order to create an illusion of space, favor light colors. They enlarge the room and give an impression of grandeur. Cool shades change the perception of your interior and create an effect of depth.

If you have a narrow or badly proportioned room, you can rebalance the room and restore the volumes by playing on the contrasts. We then call upon graphics to restructure your interior. Horizontal stripes, for example, can give the impression of pushing back the walls: practical in narrow spaces like the corridor.

Opt for minimalist furniture: 

A well-arranged room is a guarantee of a spacious space, so it is essential to pay attention to the choice of furniture. Low or hanging furniture allows to clear the visual field and to open the space. The positioning of the furniture is equally important and allows you to create defined living areas. Think of evolving furniture, extending tables, corner sofas, transparent furniture that simplify the lines and contribute to the enlargement of the room, take advantage of it!

Furniture, paint or layout, all avenues can be customized according to the room and your needs. Remember that a warm and welcoming interior, whatever its size, will be much more pleasant to live in.

And you, what is your favorite tip?